Why sponsor


"A very informed event where we gain insight into vendor solutions, an opportunity to network with our peers and also to gain that realisation we aren't on our own in the challenges we face. A well organised and very credible event," Dentons


We provide the best leads in the business

"Having a security bespoke event for the Legal community is essential as the profession has very specific needs and “Securing The Law Firm” focuses upon these issues with clarity and vision. The behind the scenes organisation is impressive and the networking opportunities are excellent," Portcullis



We know the largest community of senior cybersecurity buyers in the world

"AKJ Associates are masters at bringing together the right people, at the right place and the right time in an event that enables us to make the right connections," SABSACourses 



We provide go-to events for time-constrained buyers whose need is growing

"The event was exceedingly well run and the level of attendee engagement and focus was excellent. I would love to stay in touch and would also be interested should the possibility of any future opportunities arise," Lester Aldridge



We have an almost 20-year track record of producing events that buyers take seriously

"A critical event for security professionals. Year after year, AKJ have managed to stay on top of market trends and deliver on the demand for topical expertise from its attendees," Proofpoint


Every vendor needs to sell more. That is the bottom line.

Our sponsor renewal rate is unrivalled in the marketplace.

That is because our sponsors generate real business at our events year after year.


AKJ Associates has been building relationships with senior information risk and security professionals since 1999 and our cybersecurity community is the largest of its kind globally.

We know the senior executives who drive strategy from the top, we know the enterprise architects who often control the largest budgets and we know the IT Security Leads and Engineers who so often dictate the purchase process. 

All of these job titles and more attend Securing the Law Firm.