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Most law firms do not fit neatly into typical corporate structures. Many of the large, cross-border firms use structures such as Swiss vereins or UK CLGs, which essentially allow firms to grow through M&A without actually having to properly fuse the various firms under the umbrella. These remain, to a far larger extent than in any normal corporation, separate businesses. 

Within these diffuse structures, and also at smaller firms, the firms are further siloed by a partnership model in which each business unit is controlled by individual partners, making a law firm an agglomerate of many smaller businesses all operating under one roof, each with a powerful head suspicious of the centre and its costs. 

This model makes centralised decision-making next to impossible. It stands in the way of innovation and long-term investment. And it makes processes which require centralisation and standardisation, such as finance, marketing, HR, compliance, technology and cybersecurity a nightmare – if they can be implemented at all. 

But clients are demanding higher and higher levels of cybersecurity from their critical third parties and regulations demand compliance regardless. So security professionals inside legal firms must overcome structural challenges and:

  • Secure core infrastructure
  • Harden their IdAM programmes
  • Solve their problems with mobile and BYOD
  • Find ways to create global policies and processes
  • Centralise core data and information services
  • To bolster regulatory compliance
  • To obtain senior management buy-in

The 11th Securing the Law Firm will cover these and other key subjects for its audience of professionals tasked with safeguarding digital assets and sensitive data. It will focus on the latest developments in the regulatory environment and in technology and the cybersecurity solutions market.

It will look at how cybersecurity best practice can realistically be achieved within the current structure of the legal industry and what law firms can do to demonstrate security to their clients.

There will be real-life case studies, strategic talks and technical break-out sessions to help end-users understand how these new technologies can be cost-effectively deployed in real-life business situations.

Hear from leaders in your sector describe how they are solving the problems you struggle with. See how they operate in terms of resourcing and hiring, how they deal with third-party risks and how to show management that cybersecurity investment is an investment in the bottom line.