Presentations already confirmed include:

► GRC for Cybersecurity: how does this work in practice?

Ian Dalby, Global Senior Manager GRC Technical Controls, Dentons

  • Understand why GRC is more than a tick-box compliance activity
  • Recognise how your different security teams may be working in conflict (and how to align these)
  • What are the different types of GRC for cyber and what dimensions of cyber risk should you be managing
  • Understand the key steps for an effective approach for starting or enhancing your cyber GRC capability

► How secure is new legal technology?

Jonathan Freedman, Head of Technology & Security, Howard Kennedy

  • The drive for process efficiency is putting ever more sensitive data into on prem and Cloud applications and giving access to that data to more people in more places.
  • The use of web browser interfaces is common. This creates both security and resilience risks.
  • How can CISOs prove that they on top of those risks?

► The Insider Threat - Risk Landscape!

Noha Amin, Head of Information and Cybersecurity, TLT LLP

  • Types of insider threats!
  • How to detect?
  • Threat indicators
  • Insider threat response plan

► Transforming to a cyber-aware culture

Jean Carlos, Chief Information Security Officer, Schillings

  • The importance of creating a Cyber Aware Culture: Exploring the role of human behaviour in cybersecurity and the need for enhanced awareness in the digital age
  • Strategies for creating a Cyber Aware Culture: practical steps organisations can take to foster a proactive cybersecurity mindset among employees
  • Evaluating Success: Outlining metrics and methods to measure the impact and effectiveness of a Cyber Aware Culture

► From Strength to Success: Creating a Winning Security Team for a Competitive Edge

Ryan Virani, Head of UK&I - Cybersecurity Recruitment, Adeptis Group

  • Current Market Trends 
  • Is there really a skills shortage?
  • Why do people leave their roles?
  • Are you being paid and paying enough?
  • Ironing out the challenges in your search process
  • Retention and upskilling

► The Cybersecurity Insurance Market

Archie Ghinn, Account Executive - Technology and Cyber Practice, Gallagher

  • Current Market trends
  • The growing problem: tracking technologies
  • The interconnectedness of exposures
  • Getting the right cover

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