Why attend?

Returning this year for our 20th edition, we have extensive experience delivering must-have PCI DSS insights

Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in PCI DSS and other compliance regimes

Understand how to deal with the rapidly changing payments landscape: our closed-door sessions give you the most comprehensive and up-to-date perspectives on technology innovations, compliance solution development and regulatory issues.

"I thought the event had good attendance from a networking perspective and had an array of good speakers helping attendees tread a careful path between regulation, standards and best practice. The education seminars were a good complement and an opportunity for deep dives in specific areas too," Business Information Security Officer, John Lewis Partnership


Find out how your peers in other organisations are meeting their goals

Hear from experts representing a cross-section of industries about how they are addressing business priorities and operational objectives in order to reduce risk, protect data, ensure compliance and strengthen security posture.

"Other events that I attended mostly raised questions, where yours gave answers. The depth of speakers' knowledge and the variety of the topics kept my energy levels high throughout the day. In short, a great day that gave me significant additional insight. Well worth the one-day return trip from abroad." Senior Risk Analyst, Shell


Understand how 'best practice' is evolving and help drive the debate forward

Hear case studies that detail how security frameworks and methodologies are being applied in the real world to help lines of business and the board take advantage of new opportunities, increase productivity, enable agility and decrease cost.

"The presentations and educational breakouts are always interesting, whether you are learning from experts or real-life cases. Whether you learn something new or have decisions you have made confirmed these sessions are always valuable," Principal Systems Analyst Programmer, Amadeus


Network and engage with colleagues from a cross-section of industries

Connect with contacts who share common interests and concerns, speak directly with those who are managing similar projects and discuss solution paths with experienced representatives of leading service suppliers.

"PCI London was perfect for me this year - the right level of presentations and hosted by a very good selection of relevant vendors - many thanks." Global PCI Compliance, Lastminute.com


Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest developments in technology solutions

Learn about new technological innovations, 'make or break' factors that will determine the success or failure of projects and lessons learned through implementations regarding benefit management, time to value and time to operation.

"The selection of suppliers at the event was excellent with many of them being able to offer suitable solutions for our requirements which meant that attending was a very efficient way to understand what it possible and who could help make it happen." PCI DSS Manager, TUI Travel


This event will feature expert speakers from industry and the market's leading service suppliers to deliver:

  • Critical and unique insights that can inform the direction of business, technology and security strategy
  • Practical steps that can help assess exposure to, articulate and proactively mitigate the impacts of emerging risks
  • Examples of proven approaches that can ensure commercial objectives are met in a secure, compliant manner
  • Guidance on future issues and challenges to consider as part of the enterprise decision-making process

"Once again I thoroughly enjoyed the event and thought the organisation was absolutely first class.  The opportunity to speak directly to vendors who understand the issues and complexity around PCI was extremely beneficial. I also thought the openness and honesty of the presenters, to share their experiences and guidance, was extremely insightful.  The education sessions were very relevant and informative with an openness that made the event extremely worthwhile to attend," Senior Project Manager, The Travel Corporation