Charles Husbands, PCI Programme Manager, Vodafone

In 2008 Vodafone launched their global PCI programme and Charles has led this from inception. The payment evolution provides Vodafone with challenges & opportunities, maintaining security in existing products, being an early-adopter/innovator & providing best-in-class secure payment methods in a omni-channel age.  As a Merchant Vodafone operate across...more

Neira Jones, Independent Advisor & International Speaker

More than 20 years in financial services and technology made Neira believe in change through innovation & partnerships. She is regularly invited to advise organisations of all sizes on payments, fintech, regtech, cybercrime, information security, regulations (e.g. PSD2, GDPR, AML) and digital innovation. She always strives to demystify the hype surrounding current...more

Simon Price, Global PCI Lead, BP

Yulia Nayda, Payments and Compliance Project Manager at Bumble and Badoo