Presentations already confirmed include:

► Middle Age to Renaissance, transition from perimeter to Zero Trust security concept

Alejandro Adelid Damerau, Group CISO, Siemens Mobility 

  • Definition and background of Zero Trust
  • Motivation for implementing Zero Trust concept
  • Security Architecture on Zero Trust
  • Risks and limitations
  • Conclusion

► SOC Structure. Global or Local?

Daniel Sierra Saavedr, Head of Advanced Cyber Defence, Banco Sadabell

  • When defining a SOC structure, several questions should arise. What are functions the SOC has to assume? How do I implement these functions in my environment? Is there a unique solution to this problem? In this talk, we are going to explore the different issues that may affect the definition of a SOC for a corporation. 
  • Global Threats, Global Incidents. Are they really global? 
  • Company Structure: National, International or Multinational? 
  • SOC Services and Available resources. Are they balanced? 
  • Applicable Regulation. Are there any regulatory constrains?  Answering these questions will be key in the definition of your SOC Structure.  

► Data Security in Data Driven organizations

Jesús Alonso Murillo, CISO, Ferrovial

  • Approach and defend
  • Capabilities and strategy
  • Classification and labelling 

► Transportation Safety in the era ofCOVID 19

Jesús Garcia Bautista, CISO and IT Chief, Correos Express

  • The outbreak of COVID19; chronology and first consequences
  • Increase in online commerce and its impact on the world of express transport
  • Challenges in Information Security in transportation

►Securing the Future of Work with Cyber AI

Jose Badía López, Country Manager Spain & Portugal, Darktrace

  • Business leaders face the urgent challenge of protecting their distributed workforce and cloud tools from the increased risk of cyber-attack.

  • Traditional security defenses define threats based on predefined rules and signatures. 

  • Darktrace Cyber AI instead understands your entire digital environment across cloud and SaaS, email, IoT and industrial networks, for every user and device.

  • With Darktrace Cyber AI, emerging cyber-threats are autonomously detected, neutralized, and investigated – before damage is caused. ​


Education seminars

Transform your security strategy with data-driven detection

Piergiorgio Di Giacomo, Customer Experience Engineer, Google Cloud Security

Ever feel like your security team is overly reliant on vendor-created threat detection? There are nuances to your environment that often require a more customized approach to identifying potential TTPs. Furthermore, advanced threat actors may use methods, techniques and malware that are custom-made for your organization. The art of detection is evolving as more investments are made into SOC analysts, threat responders, and hunters - and as part of this movement, data driven detection is emerging as the most accurate way to craft enterprise-specific detections. 

Attend this session to learn how you can intelligently transform your security strategy by authoring detections, treating them as code, and putting best practices in place to use, store, share and maintain your custom detections.

  • Learn how to get started with a custom detection security strategy
  • Experience how the custom detection lifecycle provides insight into attacker behaviour
  • Understand the core components of authoring detections
  • See how you can incorporate security frameworks into your detections
  • Learn how a data driven approach to detection writing detections captures lessons learned and sustains institutional knowledge

Customer Testimonial: ODDO-BHF: Collaborative Penetration Testing With Synack

Gaël Barrez, Sales Director, Synack & Willem Peerbolt, ODDO-BHF Group CISO

This session will present a CISO return of experience. Willem Peerbolte, Group CISO at ODDO-BHF will share why he chose to set up a partnership with Synack instead of continuing with legacy pen testing. He will then present the outcomes for the bank, his clients, and for him. You will hear:

  • Why ODDO, BHF shifted from classic pen testing to crowdsourced.
  • How Synack’s remote security testing platform is helping to augment ODDO-BHF’s internal teams.
  • What results and benefits the company is getting.