Why attend

We have 20 years' experience serving the global cybersecurity community. Join us to:


Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in emerging security technologies

Are we on the verge of a new era in cybersecurity? Can AI live up to its promises and stop most threats before they need human intervention of any kind?  If so, how does this change the job of the CISO, the teams they lead, the structure and function of SOCs and the maturity of a security culture?.

"Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to participate in the event. I found it very interesting, even surpassing the previous one. The speakers were as always of the highest order and the presentations were clear, direct and aimed at proposing solutions to the problems we all have as users of the networks."

Director de Seguridad, Novo Banco

Find out how your peers in other organisations are meeting their goals

Hear from experts representing a cross-section of industries about how they are addressing business priorities and operational objectives in order to reduce risk, protect data, ensure compliance and strengthen security posture.

"Without a doubt, an essential event to take the pulse of trends in cyber-threats, new regulations and new approaches to mitigate risks in terms of IT security."

Responsable de Servicios de Infraestructura TI - CFO - Galp Energía España


Understand how 'best practice' is evolving and help drive the debate forward

Hear case studies that detail how security frameworks and methodologies are being applied in the real world to help lines of business and the board take advantage of new opportunities, increase productivity, enable agility and decrease cost.

"The contents of the sessions were very varied and interesting and presented by relevant speakers in the sector, entertaining and knowledgeable of the subject taught. There were presentations of the latest trends in security products, and it was easy to contact their manufacturers in the exhibition area. There was also the opportunity to interact with professionals from other companies and / or sectors with similar problems and exchange experiences. In short, a day well spent.."

Jefe de Sistemas Unix, Cecabank


Network and engage with colleagues from a cross-section of industries

Connect with contacts who share common interests and concerns, speak directly with those who are managing similar projects and discuss solution paths with experienced representatives of leading service suppliers.

"The event was a fantastic opportunity to see new controls and how security is carried out in other companies, and of course, an opportunity to see the options for subcontracting security services. Likewise, the interaction with other colleagues from different companies is always rewarding."

IT Development Assistant Manager Spain & Portugal, RBS


This event will feature expert speakers from industry and the market's leading service suppliers to deliver:


  • Critical and unique insights that can inform the direction of business, technology and security strategy
  • Practical steps that can help assess exposure to, articulate and proactively mitigate the impacts of emerging risks
  • Examples of proven approaches that can ensure commercial objectives are met in a secure, compliant manner
  • Guidance on future issues and challenges to consider as part of the enterprise decision-making process


"Frankly, I thought it one of the most interesting events I have ever attended. I will definitely attend next year."

Chief Information Officer, Intropia