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The challenge: end-user needs are rising, solution providers’ too


Our end-user community of senior cybersecurity professionals is telling us that they face a host of new threats in the post-pandemic environment, to add to their existing challenges. 


Remote working and an increased reliance on Cloud and SaaS products are all putting organisations across the world under even more strain. They need cybersecurity products and services that can solve these issues.


In addition, the post-COVID environment has created groups of cybersecurity professionals who are less willing or able to attend physical events, and yet these groups still demand the latest information on security technology and techniques.


At the time solution providers are finding it ever more difficult to build relationships in an increasingly competitive environment.


Economic and business drivers are making CISOs more selective and pushing them away from large security stacks and multiple point solutions.


To sell to this increasingly sophisticated community, vendors need multiple access points to engage  security professionals, to build deeper relationships and maintain those relationships throughout the year.


To cater to all of the different sectors of the market, this means an increasingly varied palette of communications.


Therefore, in response to many requests from our community for us to continue to deliver best practice advice and to give them the up-to-date technical case studies and content they need to cope in the current environment, we are adding to our traditional physical services.


The e-Crime & Cybersecurity Congress Virtual Series will offer virtual versions of our key upcoming events and will deliver great opportunities for lead generation and market engagement.


Maintaining the ethos and quality of our physical events we will continue to offer unrivalled partnership opportunities to cybersecurity vendors looking to build string, engaged relationships with high-level  cybersecurity professionals.