The content was very relevant and the presentations at the right length too; long enough to get the detail and short enough to keep attention. I could draw a lot of comparison with issues that major retailers experience, and I really support forums with other like minded professionals to get the best out of our combined experience. A really good conference.

Principal Information Security Architect - Sainsburys

I recently had the pleasure of attending a highly informative cyber security talk focused on securing the retail industry, and I am thrilled to share my positive experience. The speakers showcased a remarkable level of knowledge and expertise, leaving a lasting impression on the entire audience, myself included.

Throughout the talk, the speakers demonstrated a deep understanding of the importance of cyber security in the retail sector and effectively highlighted the potential risks associated with neglecting this critical aspect. Their ability to distil complex technical concepts into easily understandable terms was truly commendable, making the information accessible to both cybersecurity professionals and those new to the field.

Information Security Analyst - Sainsburys

I found the Securing Retail summit both informative and thought provoking. It was interesting to hear from speakers from a wide array of backgrounds, whether from across retail, FS, regulatory or technology/tooling vendors. Each of them brought a different perspective to our collectively experienced anxieties.

Overall, a very good and beneficial use of time.

Senior Cyber Security Manager - Currys

Great job done by all involved. The virtual conference operated flawlessly given the variables of presentations given. I also enjoyed still having the ability to join with likeminded people, learn the challenges people are facing, or what is going right as well as of course the nod to the products out there. 

Security Consultancy Specialist Cyber Threat Management, BT