Why attend

The financial sector has a well-deserved reputation for being ahead of the curve on cybersecurity - but being on the cutting edge isn't easy, and its maturity is down to necessity.

The financial services face intense scrutiny from regulators, many are massively complex with international operations (including regional disparity in terms of information security regulation and standards), they're the biggest target around for cybercrime, and they're under pressure to innovate at a rapid pace.

The unique challenges faced by FS organisations, and their advanced level of maturity, mean that sector-specific intelligence sharing is critical to staying ahead of threat actors. That's particularly the case now, given COVID-19's drastic impact on how we work, how customers behave, and on the economy.

AKJ Associates has been hosting high-level, content-driven cybersecurity conferences all over the world for 20 years. Over that time, we've met and worked with thousands of key security, fraud and compliance stakeholders within the global financial sector. We know the community, and we know its challenges.

The inaugural edition of Securing Financial Services, held as an entirely virtual conference under Chatham House rules, will allow the sector's leading experts to share insights pitched at and tailored to their advanced level of knowledge, maturity and complexity - all without leaving their own homes!

Featuring a full day of case studies, strategic guidance, and of course plenty of opportunities for networking and more informal discussion, this event is not one to miss.