Presentations already confirmed include:

► Fireside chat: Why CISOs should care about resilience …

Adam McElroy, Group Head of Cyber Risk, Bank of Ireland Group & Sandip Wadje, Managing Director, Global Head of Emerging Technology Operational Risks & Intelligence, BNP Paribas

  • In the reality where we must assume everyone can be breached, shouldn’t we be taking a different approach to security itself and protecting critical and important services not simply data? 
  • Resilience is what you need when a breach has occurred. It’s more than DR and BCP – who else other than the CISO plays a role in this?
  • What do CISOs bring to the resilience party?

► Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse: How organisational responses to cyber risk can (and often do) make things worse

Marco Cinnirella, Professor of Applied Social Psychology, Royal Holloway

  • Organisational responses to cyber risk often ignore human psychology 
  • How can red teaming and phishing sims jeopardise cyber security?  
  • How can harmful group dynamics play a part in cyber risk? 
  • What does a Psychology-aware response to cyber risk look like? 


► Protecting data against the emerging cyber threat through a culture of privacy

Matthew Kay, Data Protection Officer, Metro Bank

  • Data Privacy is not the sole responsibility of the DPO. 
  • A strong alignment between data privacy and information security. 
  • Privacy by Design. 
  • Incident Response. 

► Beyond the Hype: Practical Applications for Generative AI in Cybersecurity 

Matt Adams, Security Architect, Santander

  • Identifying real-world cybersecurity use cases for Generative AI. 
  • Live demos of open-source security tools powered by Large Language Models. 
  • Key considerations for transitioning Generative AI tools from proof-of-concept to production. 

► Using internal auditing  to proactively identify and address cybersecurity risks

Yinka Fadina, Head of Audit (Retail Banking), NatWest Group

Cyber information and security risk is a technology problem:

  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Strengthening security posture and identifying gaps
  • Compliance verification and adaptation to changes
  • Supporting management oversight  

Education seminars