Presentations already confirmed include:

►Facing the AI Security challenge in The Financial Sector head on

Yair Kler, Head of Security Architecture, Standard Chartered Bank

  • Adapting Risk Management Frameworks for AI: Exploring how financial institutions can update their risk management frameworks to effectively address the unique security challenges posed by advanced AI technologies.
  • Enhancing Operational and Development Methodologies: Discussing the integration of robust security practices into operational and development processes to safeguard against AI-specific threats.
  • Implementing Comprehensive Third-Party Risk Assessments: Outlining strategies for evaluating and managing risks associated with third-party AI solutions and partnerships to ensure a secure financial ecosystem.

►Securing the Future: Harnessing AI To Safeguard the Financial Sector

Kerry Sheehan, AI Policy Lead, UK AI Taskforce, AI Regulation, UK Civil Service

  • Unlocking value to secure financial services
  • The benefits of aligning with the UK’s AI Principles
  • The UK’s AI Principles in the context of financial services
  • Potential challenges and strategies for overcoming obstacles and driving successful AI development and implementation

►AttackGen: Leveraging AI for Dynamic Incident Response Testing 

Matt Adams, Head of Security Enablement, Citi

  • AttackGen makes threat-driven incident response testing more accessible and efficient for organisations of all sizes.
  • It combines data from MITRE ATT&CK with Large Language Models to quickly generate comprehensive incident response scenarios for Red & Blue teams.
  • This talk will feature live demos that explore AttackGen’s features.

►The AI Genie is Out of the Bottle - What's Next? 

Robin Bylenga, VP Digital Strategy, AI Security, DWS

We will discuss the journey of embracing AI within your organisation to include:

  • Why it is important to define what AI means to your organisation.
  • Critical Steps in the Journey
  • Differentiate between Ethical AI and Responsible AI
  • Resources for guidance to include how to stay up-to-date on the constantly updated regulations

►Building a Security Program in the Ai Age

Dom Lucas, Head of Security, British International Investment

  • Exploring AI threats and necessary frameworks for addressing them
  • Developing responsible, user-centred principles to balance opportunity and risk
  • Building a resilient security program that allows the adoption of AI to flourish


►Head in the Clouds : Securing the Cloud-native Enterprise 

Ben Trethowan, CISO, Brit Insurance

  • The importance of effective Cloud-platform control, management, and visibility.
  • The role of Machine Identity in Cloud-native architectures.
  • Leveraging Identity Governance to prevent the accumulation of privilege.
  • ‘Designing in’ secure configuration and hardening prior to deployment.
  • The relationship between Cloud, Application Security and Software Development.

►Unlocking opportunities and understanding recruitment dynamics

Charlee Ryman, Co-Founder, Trident Search

  • The real recruitment market (market trends)
  • Where clients are failing
  • How to futher your career within security at all levels
  • What should you be earning?
  • Certifications VS Real experience

►Cyber insurance: the last line of defence 

Mike Tewfik, Cyber & Tech Underwriter, Beazley

  • Key claims data and current insights
  • How AI is changing the cyber risk landscape
  • Shedding light on risks and ways to boost your cyber insurance protection
  • Boosting your insurability

►Panel discussion: Managing personal legal and emotional challenges for CISOs

Simon Brady, Managing Editor & Event Chairman, AKJ Associates (Moderator)
Jonathan Armstrong, Partner, Punter Southall Law
Peter Olivier, Head of Security Delivery, Admiral Insurance 
Ash Hunt, CISO, Apex Group

  • With increasing personal liability for CISOs under UK regulations and the emotional toll of being held accountable for cyber incidents — including potential fines and criminal charges — how do you balance legal accountability and personal responsibility?
  • How can CISOs guard against their own liability?
  • Are you worried about personal liability? Is insurance a consideration?
  • Addressing ethical challenges such as balancing business interests with security needs along with the personal consequences of these decisions.
  • With the psychological impact on CISOs, does your organisation offer support for stress management and mental health and what’s out there for CISOs?

Education seminars