July 2024 Strategic Sponsors

Anomali is a revolutionary AI-Powered Security Operations Platform that is the first and only solution to bring together security operations and defense capabilities into one proprietary cloud-native big data solution.
We provide a leading AI-Powered Security Operations Platform which modernizes the delivery of legacy systems. Our platform combines ETL, SIEM, XDR, SOAR, and TIP delivering security analytics to enable our customers to detect, investigate, respond, and remediate threats in one integrated platform at lightning speed with ease of use and at a fraction of the cost.

Balbix enables organizations to quantify and quickly burn down their cyber risk.

Our AI-powered platform provides cybersecurity teams with comprehensive visibility into their attack surface, cyber risk quantified in dollars, and actionable next-best steps to reduce risk. For a typical Balbix customer, asset visibility improved by 87% in 3 weeks, and cyber risk was reduced by 37% in 6 months.
Because of Balbix's ability to analyze materiality and control effectiveness in a data-driven manner, we can help companies meet the new SEC cybersecurity disclosure requirements and justify security programs' ROI to their boards.

A rapidly growing set of Fortune 500 companies trust Balbix as the “brain” of their infosec programs and are realizing the benefits of AI-powered risk management workflows. Balbix was recognized in CNBC‘s 2022 list of Top 25 Startups for the Enterprise and ranked #32 on the 2021 Deloitte Fast 500 North America.

Tanium, the industry’s only provider of converged endpoint management (XEM), leads the paradigm shift in legacy approaches to managing complex security and technology environments. Only Tanium unifies teams and workflows and protects every endpoint from cyber threats by integrating IT, Compliance, Security, and Risk into a single platform that delivers comprehensive visibility across devices, a unified set of controls, and a common taxonomy for a single shared purpose: to protect critical information and infrastructure at scale. Tanium has been named to the Forbes Cloud 100 list for eight consecutive years and ranks on Fortune’s list of the Best Large Workplaces in Technology. In fact, more than half of the Fortune 100 and the U.S. armed forces trust Tanium to protect people; defend data; secure systems; and see and control every endpoint, team, and workflow everywhere. That’s the power of certainty. Visit www.tanium.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

July 2024 Education Seminar Sponsors

Leader in the detection of cyber threats, Gatewatcher has been protecting the critical networks of worldwide large companies and public institutions since 2015. Our Network Detection and Response (NDR) and Cyber Threats Intelligence (CTI) solutions, quickly detect and respond to any cyber-attacks. Thanks to AI converging with dynamic analysis techniques, Gatewatcher delivers a real-time 360-degree view of threats, covering both cloud and on-premise infrastructures.

Menlo Security protects organizations from cyberattacks by seeking to eliminate the threat of malware from the web, documents, and email. Our cloud-based Isolation Platform scales to provide comprehensive protection across enterprises of any size, without requiring endpoint software or impacting the end-user experience. Menlo Security is trusted by major global businesses, including Fortune 500 companies and financial services institutions.

Identity security is critical to protecting your organization moving forward. As the security perimeter dissolves, the function of on-prem infrastructure is moved to the cloud, and traditional work practices are replaced with remote access and home offices, securing accounts and identities becomes paramount to safe business operations.
In a recent One Identity survey, we found that a majority of large enterprises manage more than 25 different silos of access-permissions data – and 1-in-5 manage over 100 different systems.
All this leads to identity sprawl, which creates a tremendous cybersecurity exposure gap for organizations.
How do you consolidate it and simplify management of all these systems and user access to them? With a unified identity security platform. Our modular and integrated solutions build this platform. You can start anywhere and build from there. So, determine what is your most pressing identity security issue and start there. One Identity solutions can help bolster your organizational security and cyber resilience.
One Identity delivers unified identity security solutions that help customers strengthen their overall cybersecurity posture and protect the people, applications and data essential to business. Our Unified Identity Security Platform brings together best-in-class Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), Identity and Access Management (IAM), Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Active Directory Management and Security (ADMS) capabilities to enable organizations to shift from a fragmented to a holistic approach to identity security. One Identity is trusted and proven on a global scale – managing more than 250 million identities for more than 5,000 organizations worldwide. For more information, visit www.oneidentity.com.

At Quest, we offer a complete suite of Active Directory security solutions, as well as cybersecurity and management solutions for Microsoft 365, that can help you provide defense in depth across many layers that map to the NIST Cyber Security Framework:

  • Identify. Limit an attacker’s avenues into your environment with effective attack surface management.
  • Protect. Block adversaries from making changes to critical data or stealing credentials to gain a foothold in your environment.
  • Detect. Sound the alarm faster with automated anomaly detection and object protection.
  • Respond. Rapidly respond before damage spreads in the event of a security event.
  • Recover. Get your systems and data back up and running faster, and make cybersecurity events non-events.
  • Govern. Ensure a holistic approach to the five other core functions of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

The days of a strong perimeter being enough are over. Attackers are getting more sophisticated, and their tools are getting more powerful. You need a partner every step of the way. See for yourself how Quest can help with complete cybersecurity risk management across your entire Active Directory environment.

Quest creates software solutions that make the benefits of new technology real in an increasingly complex IT landscape. From database and systems management, to Active Directory and Microsoft 365 migration and management, and cybersecurity resilience, Quest helps customers solve their next IT challenge now. Quest Software. Where next meets now.

Veracode is intelligent software security. 

  • The Veracode Software Security Platform continuously finds flaws and vulnerabilities at every stage of the modern software development lifecycle.
  • Using powerful AI trained on a carefully curated, trusted dataset from experience analyzing trillions of lines of code, Veracode customers fix flaws faster with high accuracy. 
  • Trusted by security teams, developers, and business leaders from thousands of the world’s leading organizations, Veracode is the pioneer, continuing to redefine what intelligent software security means. 

July 2024 Networking Sponsors

iZOOlogic is dedicated to providing niche Threat Intelligence and Digital Risk Protection solutions.The iZOOlogic platform is an integrated suite of services allowing real time intelligence into the online threat landscape and provides a seamless 24x7x365 Global Incident Response. iZOOlogic provides Threat Advisory Services, Threat Intelligence, Domain Name Management, Brand Protection, Anti-Phishing, Infrastructure and Application Threat and Vulnerability Monitoring, DNS Intelligence, Dark Web Monitoring, Data Loss Recovery Services, Financial Malware and Trojan Monitoring, Web App Protection, DMARC Managed Services, Digital Asset Management, Vendor Risk Assessment and Threat Management solutions. iZOOlogic is headquartered and maintains a GSOC in the City of London, UK, with operations in California, USA and Melbourne, Australia, and protects corporate and government clients across the world.
iZOOlogic business outcomes:

  • Reduce fraud losses from online abuse, phishing and malware;
  • Maintain integrity and assurance of eChannel services;
  • Identify and mitigate compromised Accounts in real time;
  • Prevent cybercriminals from hijacking the corporate brand;
  • Reduce and mitigate reputational risk;
  • Disrupt the cybercriminal ecosystem.

iZOOlogic Info Security outcomes:

  • Real time monitoring and pro-active detection of phishing and abuse;
  • End point protection from phishing and malware;
  • Real time data feed and intelligence of compromised accounts;
  • Identify end users and transactions compromised by malware;
  • Security incident and event management;
  • Web based portal with alerts and reports;
  • 24x7x365 Global Security Incident Response.

iZOOlogic solutions:

  • Security as a Service—Subscription based Services;
  • Industry leading SLA’s;
  • Proprietary and dedicated platform, Turn Key;
  • Global Threat Intelligence Platform—intelliZOO;
  • iZOOlabs Incident Management Portal;
  • 24x7x365 Security Operation Centre & Malware Lab.