John Skipper, CISO, Metro Bank

John joined Metro Bank as CISO in 2019 after a 20-year career in cyber consulting. He is accountable to the Board and ExCo for cyber, infosec and data protection, and has kicked off an ambitious programme of improvements across all three areas. As the UK’s first new High Street bank in 150 years, Metro Bank already has 79 Stores (the latest being in Leicester) and...more

Lina Sabestinaite, ISO, Handelsbanken UK

Lina Sabestinaite is an Information Security Officer at Handelsbanken PLC UK. Her current focus is supporting secure change governance and providing security consultancy for the bank's digital transformation projects. Prior to this role she worked in finance, healthcare and technology sectors. Lina led many organisations in creating or improving the Information Security...more

Ian Burgess, Director, Cyber and Third Party Risk, UK Finance

Ian leads UK Finance’s operational and policy work on cybersecurity and third party risk management. Beside responding to regulatory papers both in the UK and international he regularly engages with key stakeholders to determine the applicability of collective action initiatives on behalf of the financial sector. Most notably he operationalised the Financial Sector...more

Marco Cinnirella, Professor of Applied Social Psychology, Royal Holloway

Marco Cinnirella is a Professor of Applied Social Psychology at Royal Holloway, one of the UK’s leading Psychology Departments. He has published widely in peer-reviewed scientific journals on a diverse range of topics such as attitudes, behaviour change, group dynamics and cyber psychology, and uses a diverse range of qualitative and quantitative techniques in his...more