Adam McElroy, Group Head of Cyber Risk, Bank of Ireland Group

Adam McElroy is the Group Head of Cyber Risk for the Bank of Ireland group, providing constructive challenge and assurance of Group Information Security risk management. McElroy is an industry recognised security leader, with a breadth of experience in transformational change within multi-national organisations

Marco Cinnirella, Professor of Applied Social Psychology, Royal Holloway

Marco Cinnirella is a Professor of Applied Social Psychology at Royal Holloway, one of the UK’s leading Psychology Departments. He has published widely in peer-reviewed scientific journals on a diverse range of topics such as attitudes, behaviour change, group dynamics and cyber psychology, and uses a diverse range of qualitative and quantitative techniques in his...more

Yinka Fadina, Head of Audit (Retail Banking), NatWest Group

Yinka Fadina is CISA certified, Charactered Internal Audit Director, with over 18 years of internal and external audit experience of complex Payments, Operations, Technology, incl. Applications, Infrastructure & Transformation reviews within the banking sector. A Head of Audit, within NatWest group helping to keep their 17 million Retail customers safe. Her experience...more

Matthew Kay, Data Protection Officer, Metro Bank

Matthew Kay currently leads the Data Protection function for Metro Bank operating under the SMCR regime, providing strategic leadership to a team of data protection and records management professionals and ensuring the bank complies with the UK GDPR and other associated legislation. Part of his role sees him sit on the senior leadership team for the bank... Prior to working in financial services, Matthew has worked as a Data Protection Officer for large scale organisations across numerous sectors such as media, technology, construction, health and safety and local government. more

Matt Adams, Security Architect, Santander

Matt is a highly experienced Security Architect with nearly 20 years of professional experience in the field of cyber security. He has worked with renowned organisations such as Costa Coffee and Santander UK, where he has led security architecture and engineering teams, and played a crucial role in defining global information security strategies. By drawing on his...more

Sandip Wadje, Managing Director, Global Head of Emerging Technology Operational Risks & Intelligence, BNP Paribas

Sandip is the Global Head of Emerging Technology Operational Risks & Intelligence at BNP Paribas focused on Cloud, Digital Assets, Threat Intelligence, Insider Threat, and Artificial Intelligence. He has 21+ years of experience in technology and cyber security managing CXO stakeholders in Fortune 500 companies. 

Manit Sahib, Ethical Hacker

Manit is an experienced offensive security expert who is certified by UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) as well as His Majesty’s CESG Check scheme (HMG CHECK). He has over ten years professional experience in both UK Government and private offensive security operations. Formerly, Manit was the Head of Penetration Testing & Red Teaming... more

Dhruv Bisani, Head of Adversarial Attack Simulations, Starling Bank

Dhruv is a leading cybersecurity professional with a key interest in leading & delivering Adversarial Attack (Red/Purple Team) simulations. He is currently the Head of Adversarial Attack Simulations at Starling Bank and formerly established and served as the Head of the Red Team at Resillion. Dhruv’s core focus has been on developing the red team (attack simulation)...more