Presentations already confirmed include:

► Cybersecurity’s Entangled Landscape

Dr. Manfred Boudreaux-Dehmer, CIO, NATO

We often approach cybersecurity improvements as if we were on an island where protection starts at the shore. But, while we may be on an island, it is part of an archipelago where we are all interconnected with bridges. What we do affects our customers and what suppliers do affects us and vice versa.  

  • How can we approach security with a view on the entire ecosystem?  
  • NATO’s approach to the challenges of cybersecurity interconnectedness between independent entities within an ecosystem

► Resilience in the times of uncertainties 

Jani Räty, CISO/Associate Director, Nordic Investment Bank Matias Virta, Chief Business Continuity & Security Manager, Nordic Investment Bank

  • How does Nordic Investment Bank react to sudden changes in threat landscape? 
  • Scenarios as key items to improve resilience and communicate threats 
  • Lessons learned 

► Third-party risk management from a third-party perspective  

Andrea Szeiler, Global CISO, Transcom

  • Understanding your third parties and the risks they bring to your organisation  
  • Different approaches to third-party risk management and their pros and cons  
  • Responsibility sharing matrix 
  • Working together 

► Rise and fall of a fraudster www-site

Timo Wiander, CISO, Enfuce

Enfuce's www-pages were copied by an external attacker. They used a copied version of and used our real job advertisements for phishing user id's etc. This presentation will go through:

  • The process of taking down the fraudulent site with capabilities of a SME 
  • Lessons learnt
  • Proposed improvements for the community

► CISO Panel Discussion

Vesa Tupala, Group CISO, Mandatum;
Thomas Stig Jacobsen, Head of IT Security, Lunar;
Noora Hammar
, Head of Security Assurance, Volvo Group

  • Integrating cybersecurity into wider enterprise risk management frameworks
  • Becoming a more strategic partner to the business?  
  • Building resilience against third-party security threats
  • Web 3.0 and the next generation of the internet: securing new technologies and services