Thank you for your invitation and for organizing this event. Even if I am specialized in fraud and rather limited in IT, these days of exchange presentations allow to have an overview of the situation on the side of the "bad guys" and to understand how the "good guys" equip themselves and organize to counter them. The alternation between presentations and moments of exchange make it possible to optimize discussions and the sharing of information. Can not wait for next year !

Fraud Risk Expert, BNP Paribas Group

First of all thank you for this flawless organization everything was perfect

The food part was also quite perfect.

On the presentation side, I really appreciated the presentation on the consequences of quantum computers and the very instructive first intervention on the cyber of the state.

I really appreciated Menlo Security's presentation on new cyber dangers.

E Ly's presentation was interesting

Very original presentation on the insurance of the new cyber subject

SAM et acteur de la gouvernance financiere Cloud, Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris

I particularly enjoyed the following presentations:

• Bouygues' experience with a cyber incident 

• The post-quantum threat

• Cyber insurance – subject still not very prominent and yet really important

• That of Knowbe4 with a clear discourse on the findings in terms of training effectiveness.

Bravo for the organization and the success despite the strikes on the same day!

Country ISO, Bank of America

The presentations were varied and interesting. I particularly appreciated subjects such as APIs (a scope not sufficiently taken into account in my opinion in the mapping of the IS) and the importance of the Supply Chain phenomenon. In addition to the technical subjects, the presentations of the ministry and the lawyer were enriching. The availability of suppliers on the stands, during breaks, was very appreciated.


Expert CISO, Crédit Agricole d'Ile-de-France

I found this edition very interesting overall. I particularly appreciated the presentations on API security (Imperva, Cequence), supply chain and micro-segmentation (Illumio). These themes are topical and the presentations were very interesting.

Directeur Cybersécurité Groupe / Group CISO

We thank you for inviting us. The topics discussed were very interesting and of high quality.

Adjoint DSI, Responsable de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information / Assistant CIO, Head of Information Systems Security, Bibliothèque nationale de France

The day went very well and the presentations were varied and enriching in the whole field of cybersecurity today. Both on the organization of the event and on its content, we are definitely won over.

Chargé d'Indemnisation / Compensation Officer, Gan Assurances

Thank you for this event yesterday which was indeed interesting.

I particularly appreciated the variety of topics covered, ranging from technical topics such as API security or vulnerability management to much more functional and organizational topics such as women in cyber or cyberscore. This diversity of subjects is part of the daily life of a CISO, and from this point of view yesterday's event was quite useful and relevant.

Chief Information Security Officer, Council of Europe Development Bank

The e-Crime France summit provides the opportunity to share and exchange information regarding the common problems of data security, with a rich and varied audience who, according to their functions, have differing perspectives. This collision of ideas allows us to approach best practices and regulatory constraints (in place or to come) from new angles.

RSSI, Monext

Thank you for the invitation to this conference. I was delighted to participate. The presentations were interesting and your team excelled in the organization of this day.

Architecte, SNCF