Denis Bernet, Global Security Coordinator, Orange

Denis is in charge of securing Orange Business Services' Internet exposure. This involves several hundred people, first to inventory internet sites and then to fix the vulnerabilities of about two thousand websites. Building on this success, he is extending this vulnerability management result to the rest of the company. In addition, he has managed the response to...more

Cedric Baillet, Director of Information Security Systems, Club Med

Cedric Baillet has been an RSSI (Director of Information Security Systems) at Club Med since October 2017. He is in charge of defining, monitoring and governing the security strategy and the associated risks. In parallel, he works daily with the teams responsible for compliance issues. He previously held several RSSI positions (Orange, Vivarte). His daily...more

Rehan Tinnin, CISO, BNP Paribas

A graduate of the IAE of Lyon and the University of Paris Dauphine, Rehan Tinnin joined the BNP Paribas group around 20 years ago and obtained various positions of responsibility in the technology sector in France as well as abroad. In 2018, he joined the group's Wealth Management division as global IT Risk and Security manager. Rehan directly oversees the Cybersecurity...more

Xavier Creff, In charge of Threat Intelligence, Crédit Agricole

Xavier Creff has worked in the field of computer science security for twenty years. After several experiences in the Telecoms world for the implementation and management of secure architectures, he joined the Crédit Agricole banking group in 2002. He developed there the led the first architectures with public keys (PKI) as well as the use of certificates in... more

Federico Smith, Cybersecurity Expert, Octopus Cybercrime Community, Council of Europe

Expert in cybercrime and cybersecurity, Federico Smith has been integral in the implementation of new technologies in cyberspace, funding for research and development, and the protection of intellectual property on the internet and cybersecurity. Since 2011 as an ethical hacker, he has been involved in co-operation against cybercrime...more

Yves Destrebecq, Head of Fraud Prevention, HSBC

In his current position, Yves Destrebecq has set up and steers the fraud prevention programme at HSBC, comprising in particular:
- Monitoring, studies and IT projects,
- Customer events on fraud & cybercrime,
- Employee training & awareness,
- Communication with customers and employees,
- Regular review and...more

Eddy Thesee, Information Security and Systems Director, Alstom

With a background in Mathematics, telecommunication and information technology, Eddy Thesee joined the railway signaling business 20 years ago in Alstom. After several positions in Information technology, methods&tools, and continuous improvement, he is leading the Cybersecurity for Alstom covering the products, solutions and services portfolio. 

Paul Steiner, Head of Compliance, La Française des Jeux

Through several years in the industrial sector of smart card manufacturing, Paul has consolidated a diverse experience in information security due to various positions as IT solution security project manager, auditor for a centralised security management system and compliance manager for embedded cryptographic solutions. In 2008, he joined the FDJ (Française...more