Presentations already confirmed include:

Education seminars

Third-party communication for confidentiality, compliance and control

Samuel Benelheni, Senior Solutions Consultant, Accellion

In this presentation delegates will learn different techniques and ideas how to reduce third-party risk.

What delegates will learn:

  • The evolution from network to application to content firewall
  • How to increase the level of security by making life easier
  • Whether or not a newspaper is a good weapon of choice in a knife-fight
  • How to decrease third party risk
  • How to consolidate security technologies, reduce risk and save money

Next Generation: Offensive Security Testing

Gaël Barrez, Sales Director, Synack 

Malicious hackers and state-sponsored cyberattacks CAN easily breach any of your mission critical web and mobile applications and networks. Vulnerability scanners and traditional pen testing are not good enough to find many of these exploitable vulnerabilities in your live systems.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • About a next generation security testing platform incorporating advanced, offensive and adversarial security testing with artificial Intelligence.
  • How one of the world’s most elite hacking teams with 1200+ international top-class security researchers can be virtually deployed with short notice.
  • Of a number of use cases and POCs performed at customers across EMEA