Series Sponsors

Over the past 16 years, an unrivalled array of cybersecurity vendors have chosen to work with AKJ Associates’ e-Crime series around the world.

From the smallest start-ups to the largest global providers of security solutions, companies have recognised the value they get from the unrivalled exposure to genuine decision-makers provided by AKJ’s e-Crime events.

They recognise that the e-Crime series allows them to:

Target growth: each event represents a targeted opportunity to  address the needs of a specific community whose need for your solutions and services is growing.

Boost sales: sponsors can tailor messages to the needs of an audience that shares similar concerns and challenges, looking for solutions now.

Meet commercial aims: we work with sponsors to ensure they meet their commercial aims. We offer a number of sponsorship options, each providing specific benefits.

Showcase solutions: our events provide sponsors with a unique platform to showcase solutions, as well as provide advice on how best to solve delegates’ key challenges.

The following vendors have all partnered with AKJ and the global e-Crime event series. Of these, the vast majority work with us on a more than one occasion each year, and renew year after year, because they generate real business at our events.