About AKJ Associates

For more than 25 years, AKJ Associates has specialised in connecting information security stakeholders and service suppliers to help solve the security, compliance and risk management challenges facing organisations and corporations around the globe. Our current portfolio focuses on information security, data protection, regulatory compliance, fraud, payments risk, and the PCI DSS.

As you can see from the testimonials provided by previous attendees and sponsors, we have an established reputation for delivering content and networking of the highest quality and relevance. We conduct year-round research to ensure that we deliver:

  • Critical and unique insights that can inform the direction of business, technology and security strategy;
  • Practical guidance to help assess exposure to, and proactively mitigate, the impacts of emerging risks;
  • Examples of proven approaches that can defend against threats while also facilitating commercial objectives;
  • Guidance on emerging issues and challenges

We have an international presence, allowing us to help connect experts in the cybersecurity space all over the world, and to bring a valuable global perspective to each of our events. We’ve hosted events in cities including London, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Cairo, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Madrid, Milan, Mumbai, Munich, Paris, Singapore, Stockholm and more!

About our events

Every year AKJ Associates offers around 40 day-long events, serving a number of regional and vertical-specific markets.

Locations include London, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Dubai, Frankfurt, Madrid, Munich, Paris and Stockholm. Last year, 5,529 senior decision makers attended our events.

As a delegate, you will be presented with cutting-edge security solutions, case studies and best practices from hand-picked experts, while growing your peer-to peer network. Our current portfolio focuses on information security, data protection, regulatory compliance, fraud, payments risk, and the PCI DSS.

Currently, we offer events focused on the following security themes:

  • e-Crime & Cybersecurity
  • Securing Financial Services
  • Securing the Law Firm
  • Securing Online Gaming


About our bespoke private meetings

A bespoke round-table meeting is the most efficient and effective way to share specific security expertise and solutions with senior security decision makers.

These high-­value, closed-­door meetings held under the Chatham House Rule provide an excellent networking environment between key stakeholders, allowing invited guests to gain detailed insights into current areas of interest, and solutions to address them.

We’ve hosted these meetings on a wide range of topics, in association with providers such as CrowdStrike, FireEye, Fortinet, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Mimecast, Palo Alto Networks, Sophos, Symantec, Tanium and more!

You can find more information about how our bespoke private meetings work, along with photos, testimonials and more, via this link.

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