eCrime Congress is one of the events in my “must attend” list. I always find it informative. It also offers networking opportunities and learn what the peers in the industry are doing in ever changing threat landscape.

IT Security & Risk Officer, UBS

The summit was really valuable, as always. There was a good mix of peer, vendor and expert sessions, the breakouts were not too pushy and the content was good overall.

The sessions we short and snappy, there was little contention for me in terms of which breakouts I attended and could (and did) follow up with the vendors I missed outside of the sessions.


The organisation, up to having desks rather than just rows of chairs, was very good.

Head of Information Security, Salary Finance

Insightful, relevant and thought provoking; no hard sells, sensible practical approaches to current day cyber security challenges.

Head of Information and Cyber Security, McArthurGlen Group

Thank you for the update and the invitation to join yesterday’s session. I found the conference to be very informative (as always) and covered the threat landscape in a timely manner. The presenters were excellent and the introduction/continuity was executed to perfection. The content was superb [...] Thank you for the invitation again and I hope to catch up with you in person at the March 2022 event.

Information Security, AIB Group Technology Services

Thanks, very enjoyable. Look forward to my invitation to the March event. Thanks to everyone making this possible in these difficult times. I actually spent the whole day on it!

Director of Global Security, American Express

It's been a wonderful experience to attend this virtual conference. Many thanks for organising the event

Information Security Officer / Data Protection Manager​, Jein Solicitors

This was my third visit and once again the speakers were excellent and they condensed lots of relevant and interesting information within their presentations.  The elective breakout seminars give a more in-depth look at topics, and the network breaks allowed me to speak to vendors about their products and services.   

Head of Risk – IT & Cybersecurity, Paragon Bank

I’ve attended the eCrime and Cybersecurity Congress before, and always find the content great with a succinct review over a diverse range of subjects and sectors. I especially like the seminar sessions, where discussion can really grow when a topic is on point or thought provoking.

Security Consultancy Specialist Cyber Threat Management, BT

This is a great event which has many informative presentations from vendors and business sectors. I also use this time to meet new and old colleagues to exchange knowledge and points of view.

EMEA Operational Security Manager & Business Line Security Officer, SGCIB

e-Crime remains a critical event for security professionals. Year after year, AKJ have managed to stay on top of market trends and deliver on the demand for topical expertise from its attendees and we are delighted to be part of the e-Crime series.

VP, Products, Proofpoint

The eCrime Congress covers a variety of topics relevant to cyber security and risk management presented in a well-controlled short sessions to keep the interests of the delegates piqued throughout the day. The education sessions and the opportunity to interact with the vendors and other delegates enables the attendees to supplement the knowledge gained in the main presentation.  Hence e-Crime Congress is now on my list of favourite events to attend.

IT Security & Risk Officer, UBS

My experience is that eCrime conference events always provide expert and highly topical eSecurity content, with an interesting mix of subject matter with informative delivery, and the eCrime Mid-Year Meeting did not disappoint in this aspect. Coupled with excellent organisation and comfortable accommodation.

In the past I have generally found the majority of conferences to be of poor value, and not really worth attending, but eCrime events are the big exception to this, and well worth attending.

Manager I.T. Security & Technical Development, N M Rothschild & Sons

The event allows you to understand current and emerging threats and risks and hear how recognised experts offer effective approaches to mitigate them. This conference is essential for any risk manager.

Director of Group Risk Services, The Co-operative Group

e-Crime & Cybersecurity Mid-Year Summit is a great place to engage with peers on current problems and security trends in a relaxed and informative atmosphere.

European Business & Information Security Specialist, Canon Europe

The event was very informative and educational, I try to attend this type of event regularly to ensure that I kept up to date with the latest threats to my organisation, the best industry practice in defending ourselves and the market leading products which can be used. A side bonus is the great networking and the wonderful staff from AKJ who make these events the success which they have proven to be.

Information Security and Compliance Officer, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP

I would like to say that we thoroughly enjoyed the event; the pre-event organisation was first class and the AKJ team were supportive. On the day everything ran like clockwork and we were pleasantly surprised to be overwhelmed with attendees to our presentation and the subsequent interest we received with visitors to our stand.

VP Alliances, Glasswall Solutions

The E-Crime series always delves into key issues facing the industry, and this last event was no exception. The views from legal, technical, and business professionals are all presented with top speakers from a variety of industries.

Director, Information Security - Europe, Enterprise Holdings

I found it to be an extremely valuable source of information in the security space and to see what other organisations within finance and non-finance are doing in this space. The real life case studies and attacks being discussed were an eye opener. I would say if you’re in the security space, this is a MUST to attend.

Business Operation Risk, Man Group

I enjoyed the event indeed. I had the chance to network with nice people all relevant to the subject of that event. All the vendors having their desk there were related to e-crime prevention, detection and response and they were all helpful. Presentations were short and to the point. Presenters were easy to approach.

Cyber Security Manager, SKY

Yesterday was my first time at the e-Crime event and it was refreshingly non sales based, a chance for me to catch up with old colleagues, existing and potential vendors and to listen to peers talk openly about real world strategies versus the all too common generic abc of security.

Head of IT Security, Office Depot

The presentation and the topics covered at the e-Crime & Cyber Security Congress and Mid-year meetings are of such a high quality that I do not bother going to other events. In addition I find that hospitality offered to all delegates is also excellent. I wish to express my thanks to you and AKJ for organising and hosting such great event.

IT Security & Risk Officer, UBS

The e-Crime Mid-Year Meeting was a ‘must attend’ event for me and it didn’t disappoint with many take away ideas which I am working to implement at my organisation.

Compliance Officer, The Institution of Engineering and Technology

I really enjoyed my day at the e-Crime Mid Year Meeting. I’ve come to expect them to be well planned and executed events with excellent and amusing speakers and I wasn’t disappointed. The agenda topics and education seminars were varied, covering relevant and up to date content and providing extremely useful information. A ‘must attend’ event to anyone with responsibility for security or risk management.

Senior I.T. Security Consultant, KCOM Group

I found the event very useful for getting peer-to-peer feedback on “what works” when you’re talking to non IT colleagues. So often it’s too easy to speak of acronyms and technologies, and it’s good to hear the different phrasing that works in different companies, with different senior audiences.

IM Security Manager, Ball Corporation

A day well spent at a very worthwhile event. A jam packed agenda full of relevant and captivating subject matter. Plenty of networking opportunities, and whilst there was a good representation of vendors they weren’t ‘in your face’. I look forward to the next one.

Manager, IT & Connected Vehicle Security, Ford Motor Company

The e-Crime Mid-Year Summit was invaluable in terms of in depth, relevant discussion on specific topics concerning e-crime. After the summit, I was able to engage with our IT suppliers in detailed and up to date conversation on a number of cyber security topics. The products and vendors also seemed well selected. I also thought that the topics covered in the courses and presentations were very relevant to my company/industry.

Langham Hall UK LLP

The eCrime and Cybersecurity Congress is an excellent blend of industry information, experienced and knowledgeable Subject Matter Experts and technical solutions in a venue and format which is accessible and convenient.

Information Security Consultant, Diligenta

I found yesterday’s meeting very interesting and informative and gave me many ideas and perspectives to consider in my own environment.

Head of Security Policy & Corporate Reporting, Telefónica O2

The Mid-Year e-Crime & Cybersecurity event was very insightful and with a good range of topics. It was nice to see more focus moving towards the people element of information security, including engagement and tone from the top. The education seminars provided a good opportunity to learn more about topics that were high on my agenda and were informal enough to allow for some Q&A during the seminar. This event is not only useful to information security professionals but to anyone who is having to grapple with the complexity of information security within their organisation. I’m looking forward to the main event in March next year.

Senior Information Security Officer, Admin RE

Congratulations for running a very successful conference bringing together IT security specialists from organisations cross industry, vendors and consultants providing a very valuable platform to discuss security related trends, challenges, products and more.

The event has certainly proved to be useful both in terms of contents provided during the presentations as well as experience and opinions shared during the conversations.

Personally I would recommend anyone, whose responsibility includes IT security or risk management, to consider participating at future events organised by AKJ.

Executive V.P. Global Sales, CSP Security

I have attended the e-Crime Summit for a number of years now and this one has lived well up to my expectation. The speakers were of the highest quality – informative and engaging and what they had to say to us was both current and relevant. And the vendors in the “marketplace” were well chosen and their educational sessions were illuminating, some particularly so. This event is one of the best. As ever I came away from the day feeling depressed at how much needs to be done, but enthused by the knowledge of who and what is available to help me. A day thoroughly well spent!

The Shaw Trust

I found the event very informative and a real centre for SME knowledge that I have not seen at other events. It had a broad cross section of speakers and attendees who all agreed on the issues and ways forward.

Future Williams & Glyn

We found the event very productive, it was good to meet potential customers and gives a chance for decision makers to meet us and understand what we do and how we can help them with their security. Security is ever evolving and needs to be constantly monitored. These types of events enable everyone to do that in a professional relaxed atmosphere.

IT Security Specialist, ESET

First rate. The best content-per-hour of any conference I have attended, anywhere in the UK. Excellent calibre and content of presenters with right up to date messages. Good pace, short, focussed sessions – excellent.

Information Security Manager, Friends Life

I enjoyed the conference very much. Speakers were excellent, exhibitors were excellent and very professional & helpful. I gained a lot of information on Cyber security and e-Crime.

Bexley Grammar School

The e-Crime meetings are an excellent resource for security professionals. With the wide range of presentations and the excellent networking potential that comes from the well structured and well maintained agenda, you are virtually guaranteed to learn something that is of significant value to your organization.

IT Security Specialist, BMW Group

Thanks for an event that impressed with high calibre presenters, intriguing content, and a great 'host'. Also a powerful opportunity for informal face-to-face meetings and catch-ups right across the industry.

Security & Mobile Specialist, Digital Solutions, HSBC

The forum was an excellent, well organised event with topical speeches which were not only informative, but gave alternative ideas and solutions to some of the current challenges we are all facing.

Information Security Specialist, MoneySupermarket.com

I though the conference was really well organised, the venue excellent, the balance of networking time to talks was good (as well as the option to network with suppliers at any time) and the management of the speakers excellent.

Computer Audit Manager, Northern Powergrid

This is the 1st time I have attended such an event and I thought it was simply fantastic to able to network with many people from so many industry.  I very much enjoyed the education seminars and the presentations which I thought were very informative and engaging.

Thank you for organising this event.

Security Operations Specialist, Everything Everywhere

e-Crime Congress is one of very few events now I tend to attend as the quality of the topics and presentations are of high standard and quite topical. In addition I find that the event provides an excellent opportunity for networking and sharing information with peers. I wish to express my thanks to AKJ for organising and hosting such a great event.

IT Security and Risk Officer, UBS

I found the speakers to be very good and the content was extremely relevant to some of the issues that we as a business face. The colleague I brought for the first time was also very impressed. All in all a very worthwhile day with very relevant information.

Digital Investigation, BP

Thank you for a good mid-year meeting. I found the material relevant, content knowledge high and networking opportunities most useful. It was both an enjoyable and educational day, I look forward to the next meeting.

Upstream International Risk and Controls Lead, Shell International BV

Very enjoyable and informing presentations that have broadened my knowledge on new emerging and existing threats. The information contained in these meetings is of massive use to help defend company boundaries and get an insight into how other companies run their Info Sec. The educational seminars were a nice break from the standard format and the occasional practical demonstration was well received. [...] Generally the whole day ran at a good pace and went very quickly. I look forward to future meetings.

Investigations Manager, Fidelity International