Thoroughly enjoyed the Summit. Very informative and useful. Was great to see so much input from my colleagues at NHS-E and of course the inimitable Andy Evans. As erudite, concise and relevant as ever!
I would happily recommend future events like this to my peers and colleagues.

Cyber Security Manager, Wirral University Teaching Hospital

Thanks for organising the Summit. There were some great insights and a lot of useful information. It’s really good to hold a virtual event as I am not sure I would be allowed to travel.

Cyber Security Architect, Bupa Global

Thank you for a wonderfully informative and insightful event today. The calibre of the speakers was great, with many takeaways for consideration in our sector

Information Security Manager - Cygnet Health

The quality of the presentations was above my expectations. The presenters were clearly SMEs in their fields which made the topics engaging and of interest, it did not come across as a sales pitch.  I particularly found the Cyber from the Centre approach, the CISO discussion and Secure Coding to be most informative.  I also appreciated the sharing of how the separation between cyber and IT was implemented over a timeline. It's an age-old debate that I have never seen happen in reality. I will most definitely be attending other virtual events run by you. 

Information Security Manager - Healios

Great job done by all involved. The virtual conference operated flawlessly given the variables of presentations given. I also enjoyed still having the ability to join with likeminded people, learn the challenges people are facing, or what is going right as well as of course the nod to the products out there. 

Security Consultancy Specialist Cyber Threat Management, BT

Personally I found the event very interesting and the speakers of quality. The virtual format that you proposed turned out to be original and I think pioneer in the matter. Perhaps the future will be a mix between face-to-face and remote conferences each with its advantages.

Responsable Securite des Systemes d'information Groupe, Up Groupe