A very good and informative event, which repeatedly handles very current and burning topics of information security, secure technical implementation and legal data protection in Germany. This is particularly well-suited for both beginners in the field of information security, who come from the technical environment of IT, for guidance, as well as for experienced colleagues in the field of information security. The networking is refreshing and varied, the vendors are carefully selected and always competent.

Data Security Officer, Bosch

A successful conference: Very good organization, interesting and varied presentations on IT security in general and data protection, or PCI in particular and, of course, with enough networking possibilities in the pleasant ambience at the Westin in Frankfurt.

DS Senior Risk & Controls Analyst, Shell

Yesterday was my fourth e-Crime in Frankfurt and – as always – I enjoyed the conference. The organisation of the event was excellent! The presentations were interesting and gave a good overview about the actual IT security universe. I was able to make interesting contacts and even found two security solutions which I will be looking at during the upcoming weeks. Thanks for your great support!

Senior Expert Security, Deutsche Telekom

The key to a successful event is to make sure that you have highly relevant content, a targeted audience and the opportunity to network. e-Crime Frankfurt, held last week, provided just that.

EMEA Marketing Director, Fidelis Cybersecurity

I want to thank and congratulate AKJ Associates on a terrific e-Crime & Cybersecurity Congress. Your professionalism, along with the able support of all your sponsors, delivered a great event that was appreciated by all.

Group Information Security Officer, Citigroup

The e-Crime conference provides a rare opportunity to network with a large number of specialist suppliers efficiently and directly. It keeps a strong emphasis on presentations of high public interest and is not like others that are full of just sales presentations.

Lawyer, WPP Deutschland Holding GmbH & Co. KG

We found the event very productive, it was good to meet potential customers and gives a chance for decision makers to meet us and understand what we do and how we can help them with their security. Security is ever evolving and needs to be constantly monitored. These types of events enable everyone to do that in a professional relaxed atmosphere.

IT Security Specialist, ESET

I thoroughly enjoyed the e-Crime and Cyber Security Congress Germany in Munich. Content was well planned and informative, with actionable information and a great networking opportunities. I look forward to other e-Crime Congress events!

CISO, Modern Times Group

A complete success, always glad to attend the e-Crime Congress. Can’t even think of ways to improve it. Looking forward to next year.

IT Security Specialist, Leibniz-Rechenzentrum

It was great to participate in this event. We had very good discussions and I am looking forward to the next events.

Director Systems Engineering EMEA, Proofpoint

It was a very successful event, especially for a legal professional working within the IT security field. I was able to make some good networking and the presentations were excellent too.

Legal Professional, MAN SE