Presentations already confirmed include:

► Organisational approaches to Cybersecurity  

Ben Kite, Senior Defence and Intelligence Adviser, Kearney  

In the new digital world, our livelihoods are getting more dependent and digital than ever before. Our critical resources, including public services, healthcare, energy, and transportation are all online. And threat actors know this; taking down a large supply chain or critical power grid can cause significantly more chaos than cyber-attacks of the past. By creating a sustainable pipeline of cybersecurity talent we might change the world.

  • Defining cybersecurity skills
  • Bridging the widening cybersecurity skills gap
  • How to cultivate cybersecurity talent
  • Lessons from the global response 

► Financial Institutions Panel Discussion   

Hussain Alkhalsan,  CISO, Zand; Hussein Shafik Bahgat,  Regional Information Security Risk Officer (CISRO), Africa and Middle East & UAE, Standard Chartered Bank; Rajesh Yadla, Director Head of Information Security, Al Hilal Bank; Zaheer Shaikh, Chief Information Security Officer, Al Maryah Community Bank LLC

  • What are the most worrying threats you see against financial institutions?
  • How do new resilience regulations help in the battle against cybercriminals?
  • Does cybersecurity fit naturally into the three lines of defence model?
  • How secure are the market infrastructures upon which the financial institutions rely (e.g. payment systems like SWIFT or Fedwire or CHAPs or even central banks)?
  • Third party dependency
  • Should the industry be collaborating much more to strengthen the entire system, as well as themselves? In particular, given the shared dependence on unregulated providers (Cloud, telco, core internet infrastructure etc.), and given shared exposure to new risks coming from digital assets, isn’t collaboration almost more important than individual action?

► Panel: CISO Priorities for 2023   

Aloysius Cheang, Chief Security Officer, Huawei UAE; Philippe Lopez,  Regional Chief Security Officer, Eastern Europe & Middle East & Africa, Mastercard; Shafiullah Ismail, CISO, Mubadala Capital; Vikalp Shrivastava,  Global CISO, Kerzner International   

  • Data privacy or security? How will companies view ‘security’ in the post-pandemic world?
  • Hybrid working: problem solved or problem postponed?
  • The issue of ‘basic’ cyber hygiene (or ‘why can’t we stop ransomware?’)
  • Have the security implications of Cloud been exaggerated?
  • The future of the security stack: insource/outsource/reduce number of solutions/rely on large application and infrastructure providers more
  • Reining in the costs of cybersecurity

► Panel: Securing the Metaverse

Cumai A. Housn, Co-founder,; Sam Clever, CEO & Founder, Nostraverse; Ramy AlDamati, Co-Founder / Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), AlBrza; Renato de Castro, Executive Director, RMA Advisory

A world in which VR and AR merge to create a version of the web in which we, in the form of avatars, can work, play, shop and socialize as if you’re actually there sounds great. Or not. But it creates a host of cybersecurity issues and businesses like banks are already there. So, this panel will look at:

  • Identity and access management – securing the avatar?
  • The implications of payment mechanisms and blockchain inside the metaverse
  • Social engineering in the metaverse
  • Biometric hacking and securing biometric data
  • Securing AR and VR headsets
  • Privacy without a perimeter or geographic borders: relying on the platform?

 Defence-in-Concert : Evolving Your SecOps Strategy Ensure a robust cyber defence through context and collaboration

Gopan Sivasankaran, General Manager – META, Secureworks 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why “more security layers” doesn’t necessarily equal a stronger defence for your organization
  • How to gain better visibility, context, and collaboration across your IT ecosystem
  • Ways to modernize your security operations and improve threat detection and response

► Securing the Modern Enterprise Using A Cloud-Native Security Platform

Nabil Bousselham, Team Lead Solutions Architecture, EMEA North & Middle East, Veracode on behalf of Green Method 

In this talk, you will learn how a cloud-native security platform can help you manage the security program of a growingly complex modern enterprise. This session will cover:

  • How a unique approach to continuously scanning cloud native applications real estate can enable your development teams to rapidly deliver new value and business outcomes
  • The importance of customised architecture – because no two DevSecOps programs are the same
  • How to get cloud-native security easily integrated into your existing workflow