Presentations already confirmed include:

► Ransomware: the road to recovery

Ashish Khanna, Information Security Officer, Dubai Health Authority

  • Case studies from the healthcare industry. They journey of your patient's data
  • Ransomware. Why are we still getting it wrong? Why is it such a threat for the healthcare industry? How do you protect your centralised data points?Pay vs. prepare. Why the urgency to get back to "business as usual" can lead to hasty decisions and compromise security? 
  • Are the vendors and solutions providers focusing on the right business risks? 

► Guest pass to good security strategy: lessons on dealing with digitalisation from a hospitality security expert

Ilham Ismail, Head of IT, Hospitality Management Holdings

  • Bots and automation. The rush towards hyper-connectivity and digitalisation, including “buzzwords” such as AI, IoT and machine learning. With the rush towards becoming Smart is it true that senior management are not taking into account the security side of things? Internal  investment vs. security.
  • First hand case study from a Smart hotel
  • Working with external consultants. How do you communicate the business risk to an external consultant who may not necessarily understand the specific demands of your industry or your business? How do you navigate and justify cost and expenditure?

► Executive panel discussion

Know your cyber-stakeholders. Insights into who has accountability in your organisation for cybersecurity. And what they're doing about it

  • Muhammad Babar, Head of Compliance, Moneygram Intenational 
  • Robert Cookson, Group IT Director, NOW Health International
  • Hashim Saeed, Head of Information Technology, AZIZI Group


► Secrets of Securing CNI

Shafiullah Mohamed Ismail, Senior Manager, Security Architect & IT Governance, Mubadala Development Company

  • Case study Abu Dhabi government: securing it and its network
  • Managing third party and in-house security
  • Mitigating and measuring cyber-risk

► Upping the cybersecurity benchmark,. How good is good enough?

Suresh Nair, CISO, MENAT, GE Capital


  • The various challenges of large multi-national corporations vs. SME’s
  • Managing third party security.  Is the security of your third parties as important as the security of your organisation itself? How do you audit and benchmark the security of your third parties?
  • “minimum baselines and standards” of cybersecurity. How do you decide what is the bare minimum for your business?
  • Cyber-risk management. What are the metrics? How do you model and analyse it?

 The core issues of innovation and new technologies

Muhammad Rizwan Khan, Head of Compliance, Aldahab Exchange

  • New innovation and  smart technologies can be very effective tools to mitigate the risk of Money Laundering and Terrorist financing for FI. How can you use them most effectively?
  • The ROI of corporate awareness and training. What is required specially in FI’s, regarding how to protect information and how the cyber security can be applied through advanced solutions which may relax the business and employees in secure environment?
  • Effective frame work must cover the scope of cyber risk management and identify the gaps from IT to Compliance which will be mutually benefited for the company. How do you combine different functions such as cybersecurity and audit in an effective risk framework?