Presentations already confirmed include:

► Embracing the security benefits of Web3  

Abdulla Al Dhaheri, Cybersecurity Specialist, UAE Government

  • Developments in Identity of Web3 
  • Simultaneously securing against Web 2.0 and Web3 security risks 
  • Best practices for protecting Web3 applications and infrastructure
  • Moving forward securely

► Cybersecurity Challenges in the Real Estate Business 

Jeevan Badigari, Director of Information Security & Governance, DAMAC Group 

  • Securing office locations 
  • Mobile applications 
  • CRM systems and office application suites 
  • Third-party security 
  • Cloned websites 

► Building a resilient and adversary focused Security Operations Centre (SOC) 

Steve Kinghan, Head of Cyber Operations, Hiscox

  • Baselining the Threat facing your firm 
  • Understanding the training and development required to grow 
  • Consolidate and grow – a focus on doing more with less 
  • Future proofing your approach 

► Panel: CISO Priorities Discussion 

Vikalp Shrivastava, Global CISO, Kerzner International

  • What would you say your top three priorities and challenges are – what challenges in your technology/people/process environments cause greatest problems for the information security programme? (eg. Hackers do seem to be targeting software build and test environments. Is this a weak link?) 
  • How does legacy cybersecurity thinking and technology have to change to cope with almost random work patterns, demands for data portability, 
  • Do you think that core security hygiene will soon be taken care of by things like a better version of the MS E5 licence, or security built into Google apps, plus the security built into your core Cloud apps and infrastructure? 
  • How do you prioritize cybersecurity initiatives in the absence of any easy way to quantify cyber risks? 
  • Boards put cybersecurity in their top risk worries but to what extent are you under pressure to rein in the costs of cybersecurity? Are you under budget pressure? Is there pressure to outsource? 
  • The cyber talent shortage – real or illusion? 

► Panel: Financial Services Discussion 

Hussein Hassan Shafik, CISO, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank;
Rajesh Yadla, Head of Information Security, Al Hilal Bank;
Zaheer Mubarak Shaikh, CISO, Al Maryah Community Bank;
Hussain AlKhalsan, CISO, ZAND 

  • What would you say your top three priorities and challenges are – what challenges in your technology/people/process environments cause greatest problems for the information security programme either from the above list or any others (budgets, hiring, hybrid working)? 
  • Some CISOs talk about the architecting and integrating their own products and service supply chain (People, Process, Technology, Data) across GRC, Third Party Management. This is the issue of how to integrate cybersecurity into wider enterprise risk management frameworks. Do you have advice for the audience about how to do this – because then you become a more strategic partner to the business? 
  • Do you struggle with asset inventories and therefore also struggle with assessing the risk to particular key business assets or critical business processes? 
  • We all know what the challenge of third-party security is, are we any closer to figuring out any practical ways to mitigate the risk, even if we will never eliminate it? 
  • Does the business of locking your digital doors to bad actors take up all your time and budget and leave little time for strategic thinking or revision of cybersecurity strategy? Can cybersecurity ever be anything more than reactive? 
  • Are we doing enough to test cybersecurity controls and are we doing it frequently enough? What does best practice look like? 
  • Web 3.0 and the next generation of the internet: securing new technologies and services. Do you have time to think about this? Are you having to do it already? 

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