Kristoffer Sjöström, CSO & Head of Group Security & Cyber Defense, SEB

Kristoffer Sjöström serves as the Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Head of Group Security & Cyber Defense at SEB, where he oversees the enterprise's security and cyber security on a group level. Coming from global security and IT background in telecom, he has evolved into an authoritative voice in security matters, specializing in threat intelligence, the integration...more

George Mudie, Chief Technology Risk Information Officer, H&M Group

George graduated from UWS with a BSc in Mathematical sciences followed by a Post-graduate diploma in IT. In 2014 George obtained an Executive Certificate in Strategy & Innovation from MIT Sloan. George holds a number of security-related patents and also contributes to security advisory groups for the NCSC and the NCA.
As H&M Group accelerate its digital...more

Teresia Willstedt, CISO, MedMera Bank

Teresia is the CISO and head of Business Continuity at MedMera Bank, Sweden. She loves working within IT-security and is passionate within her field, 2023 she also started to share her knowledge within information security to middle school children, to contribute to a more secure, future society.

Carl Wern, Head of Group Security, Folksam

Carl has been working with cybersecurity since 1996 in various positions. He has been involved in extremely challenging global information system projects and has successfully implemented certified global and local information security management systems. Carl has also worked side by side with senior management teams on policy and strategy issues and built several...more

Magnus Jacobson, Senior Adviser Cyber security, Swedish Bankers’ Association

Magnus Jacobson is a cyber security expert and senior adviser at the Swedish Bankers’ Association, an industry association that represents the interests of banks and financial institutions in Sweden. He is specialized in governance, risk management, and compliance in the banking and finance sector, and he has extensive experience in leading compliance activities...more

Dimitrios Stergiou, Director of Information Security, TapTap Send Group

Dimitrios is currently employed as the Director of Information Security for the TapTap Send Group. He is an experienced senior Information security and Risk professional with over 20 years of experience. Before joining the TapTap Send Group, Dimitrios held positions at Wayflyer Group, Trustly Group AB, Modern Times Group, NetEnt, Entraction, Innova S.A, and Intracom...more

Eric Stenberg, Information Security Manager, Swedbank

Eric is an Information Security Manager within Swedbank with the tasks to ensure information security matters within the bank. He does this by combining both the softer values of people and processes together with the combination of technology to achieve the security posture and resilience demanded by the outside world in an everchanging threat landscape. As a certified...more

Predrag Gaikj, CISO, Viedoc

Predrag is currently managing the Information security management system at Viedoc, a high-speed Health Tech company in her pursuit for greatness. He is a certified information security professional with 19+ years of previous experience in FinTech and Banking.

Martin Tschammer, Head of Security, Synthesia

A seasoned cybersecurity expert, currently spearheading the development of a world-class security program at the hypergrowth unicorn AI company, Synthesia. Before this, he sharpened his cybersecurity strategy skills at TRUESEC. His previous experience as startup CTO and engineer are helpful in coming up with strategies to integrate Security with Product in a sane way.

Dominik Bieszczad, Senior Solutions Engineer, Censys

Dominik is an IT professional with over a decade of experience in Information Technology and Cyber Security. Dominik is a cyber security technologist, security advocate and business problem solver. Previously he has worked for a variety of industry leading companies including: NTT Communication, Duo Security, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks. In his current role as Senior...more

Maxime Cartier, Head of Human Risk, Hoxhunt

Maxime is a Human Risk Management leader, who has built Security Awareness, Behaviour and Culture programs for global companies in manufacturing, aerospace, and in his previous role at H&M Group. His goal is to help people stay safe online, and support organisations make the switch from raising awareness to effectively changing behaviours and culture. He’s currently...more

Jonas Forsberg, Solution Architect, SUSE

I work as a solution architect at SUSE, where I design and implement innovative solutions that utilize open source software with customers and partners. With a strong background in Linux, Kubernetes and cloud computing, I help organizations achieve their business goals by providing them reliable, scalable and secure IT solutions that meet their current and future...more

Thomas Berglund, Director, Technical Account Management, Tanium

Thomas Berglund started his career working with complex IT issues in large organisations. He now helps some of the largest enterprises in the Nordics prepare for the worst by building better cyber hygiene as part of Tanium's customer success team.

Dan Stead, Director, EndpointX, on behalf of Tanium

For the last four years Dan has worked as a director at EndpointX, a company he co-founded with the aim of helping organisations to improve their IT Hygiene and Cyber resilience.  After studying languages at university, he has worked in technology for over 20 years, delivering change to complex global enterprises in the Financial Services and Consumer Goods industries....more

Jorge Montiel, Head of Pre-Sales, EMEA, Red Sift

Jorge is the Head of Sales Engineering for Red Sift in EMEA, with a focus on matching business requirements with technical ones in order to solve critical business initiatives for our enterprise customers. Prior to joining Red Sift, Jorge worked in the ID verification industry with leading AI solutions to address use cases such as matching live faces with photos on...more

John Smith, CTO EMEA, Veracode

John Smith is the Chief Technology Officer in EMEA. John has worked in Information Security for more than 20 years, and in Application Security specifically since 2004. He helped drive the evolution of AppSec, from ad-hoc testing using a range of technologies such as Dynamic Analysis through to the comprehensive and programmatic approaches seen in mature organisations...more

Filip Verloy, Field CTO EMEA & APJ, Rubrik

Filip Verloy serves as Field CTO EMEA & APJ for Rubrik X. In that role, Filip engages and advises customers, partners and the security industry at large, sharing his experience, insights, and strategies on data security. Prior to joining Rubrik, Verloy was the Global Field CTO at API security start-up Noname Security, and has previously served at various IT vendors...more

Amanda Spångberg, Account Manager, Integrity360

Amanda is Account Manager at Integrity360 AB, based in Stockholm, with a solid background in Cyber Security, Amanda helps companies navigate their proactive approach to IT-security.

With leading suppliers, pioneering technologies and the ability to be responsive to company needs, she promise to help and guide you into a secure future.

James Tucker, Head of CISO, International, Zscaler

James' has a career in cybersecurity spanning over 17 years, holding key positions at renowned companies like Sourcefire, Palo Alto Networks, and Baffin Bay Networks, demonstrating his expertise and leadership in the field.Currently, James is at Zscaler where he serves as Head of CISO International, overseeing both EMEA and APJ regions, advising customers on how to...more

Steve Wills, Senior Systems Engineer, Abnormal Security

Steven is an experienced systems engineer, with over 10 years experience within the email security industry.  He has experience of working with large, international organisations, supporting their requirements within the cloud email environment.

Christopher Schrauf, SIEM & Cyber Security Architect, CyberProof

Chris is a cyber security leader with 10 years of experience as a Cybersecurity Architect and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) engineer. As he is working with the best cyber security professionals around the world, he established exceptional technical experience in corporate environments, and he is heavily engaged with intrapreneurship within the cybersecurity...more