Presentations already confirmed include:

► Securing the Digital Citizen: a public sector view

Philipp Grabher, Chief Information Security Officer, Canton of Zurich 

  • Cyber Security Strategy for the Canton of Zurich
  • Supporting and inter-sector cooperation: raising awareness
  • The big three areas - what to focus on


► Participative Security and Customer Trust

Marcel Zumbuehl, Group CISO, Swiss Post Group 

  • How can you reach out to communities both within and outside your company to engage in cybersecurity?
  • What are key success factors to build digital customer trust?
  • What are the learnings of Swiss Post after four years working closely with ethical hackers?

► The Vulnerability Vector: An opportunity for the hacker and a challenge for the CISO

Juan Carlos López Ruggiero, CISO, Bouygues Energies & Services  

  • Malicious actors are so much better organized (and financed) than company CISOs
  • How do we survive the threats and stay one step ahead?
  • What works and what doesn’t when facing the challenges in an ever changing scenario?

► Securing Client Assets – In the Context of Escalating Cyber Threat

Dr. Dominik Raub, Chief Information Security Officer, Crypto Finance AG

  • Blockchain vs classical assets from a cyber threat exposure perspective
  • Information security threat landscape and securing client assets as central protection goals for a blockchain asset company
  • Using secure hardware and sound security architecture to mitigate risks and secure client assets
  • Residual risks to client assets and further recommended defenses

► The Cloud Security Journey

Olivier Busolini, Chief Information Security Officer, Sygnum Bank

  • The implicit choices of starting a cloud(s) journey
  • The key cloud security risks to evaluate
  • The most important security principles and measures when running workloads in cloud(s)
  • The implications of the shared responsibility model of data protection

► Panel: Balancing Regulation/Compliance and Security

Aneta Podsiadla, Data Protection & Compliance Officer, Vorwerk; Juan Carlos Lopez Ruggiero, CISO Bouygues Energies & Services; Olivier Busolini, CISO, Sygnum Bank

  • How do new resilience regulations help in the battle against cybercriminals (NIS2 and DORA) and the impacts of the coming complete revamp of the FINMA 2008/21 circular for Swiss banks
  • Does cybersecurity fit naturally into the three lines of defence model?
  • Third-party dependency

►Senior Leadership Panel: What’s on the Horizon?  

Philippe Vuilleumier Chief Security Officer, Swisscom; Marcel Zumbuehl, CISO Swiss Post Group & co-president of ISSS    

  • What’s on the horizon, and how to we ensure security in a complex ecosystem?    
  • How do we ensure customer trust and strive to make society more cyber immune?   
  • How do we protect artificial intelligence in the future?
  • How do we cope with the fact that computing power will put our current encryption mechanisms at risk, etc.?