Presentations already confirmed include:

► Embracing the chase for cybersecurity 

Björn Johrén, CISO, Max Matthiessen AB

  • Team before technology  – getting the culture right 
  • Juggling all the regulations, the business and budgets  
  • There’s no silver bullet, so what's the solution? 

► Securing Future Tech: Crypto, Quantum, DLT, AR/VR and the Metaverse. And what about web3?

Ogechi Nwadinobi ObaegbulamGlobal Head of Product Security, Vizrt Group

  • Keys to building effective product security program
  • How can offensive security enhance security governance & strategy
  • Threat modelling providing secure architecture validation
  • Utilizing threat intelligence for KPI & KRI

► Four Faces of the CISO    

Navaz Sumar, Chief Information Security Officer, TF Bank

  • Technologist, Guardian, Advisor and Strategist and how to speak all four languages   
  • The relationship to other C-suite, Where do you fit in and how to fill in the gaps?   
  • Best practices for the CISO 

► Cyber capability as a nation-state instrument

Jonas Danson, Chief Security Officer (CSO) & acting CISO, Transdev 

  • We are/societies are already now highly dependent on digitalisation
  • Cyber is a threat and a risk of strategic level
  • Overview of purpose; why nation-states develop a strong cyber capability
  • Examples of when cyber capability has been used as a nation-state instrument

► From Startup to MegaCorps, Post-Crisis or In-transition: why and how context matters for security teams

Simon Goldsmith, Director for Information Security, OVO Energy

  • InfoSec's 5 forces: building a security value proposition 
  • Surfacing and managing trade-offs and priorities 
  • Preventative, detective and responsive security responsibilities 
  • Bonus feature: internal vs external attack surface intelligence 

► Panel: CISO Priorities Discussion 

Fredrik Hertz, Financial Services Cybersecurity Lead, Consulting, EY Sweden (Moderator);
Elin Ryrfeldt,
CISO, Axfood;
Carl Wern,
Head of Group Security, Folksam;
Moona Ederveen-Schneider,
Executive Director Europe, FS-ISAC;
Emma Johansson, Senior Security Advisor, Swedenergy;
Jonas Danson, Chief Security Officer (CSO) & acting CISO, Transdev 

  • What would you say your top three priorities and challenges are – what challenges in your technology/people/process environments cause greatest problems for the information security programme? (eg. Hackers do seem to be targeting software build and test environments. Is this a weak link?) 
  • How does legacy cybersecurity thinking and technology have to change to cope with almost random work patterns, demands for data portability, 
  • Do you think that core security hygiene will soon be taken care of by things like a better version of the MS E5 licence, or security built into Google apps, plus the security built into your core Cloud apps and infrastructure? 
  • How do you prioritise cybersecurity initiatives in the absence of any easy way to quantify cyber risks? 
  • Boards put cybersecurity in their top risk worries but to what extent are you under pressure to rein in the costs of cybersecurity? Are you under budget pressure? Is there pressure to outsource? 
  • The cyber talent shortage – real or illusion? 

► See what they see, know what they know

Anders Blecko, Senior Solutions Engineer, Crowdstrike 

  • To stop an adversary, you must first understand their tactics, techniques, and motivations. We have to adapt, fast!
  • Throughout 2022, CrowdStrike threat hunting activities covered record volumes of hands-on intrusion attempts with eCrime topping the charts
  • Adversaries continue shifting away from malware and continue to prove their unabating ability to adapt, splinter, regroup, and flourish in the face of defensive measures
  • However, 2022 also demonstrated that relentless determination works both ways
  • How organisations can prepare and protect themselves in this relentless threat landscape


► Ransomware Recovery: ​Why companies need to move beyond prevention technologies

Ulrik Baginski, Account Executive, Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

Ransomware continues to evolve, bringing disruption, data loss, and weeks to months of clean up. Prevention is not enough, and organisations are aware data protection needs an upgrade. Join Ulrik Baginski from Zerto, a Hewlett-Packard Enterprise company, to understand how your organisation can eliminate the consequences of ransomware using Continuous Data Protection to:

  • Resume operations at scale, in minutes
  • Recover to a state, seconds before an attack
  • De-risk your recovery with instant, non-disruptive testing

► Shake the Box: Understanding Network Evidence in an Encrypted and containerised world

Matt Ellison, Director of Sales Engineering EMEA and APAC, Corelight

  • The network was easy to study and provided defenders a compelling vantage point
  • Today’s networks are significantly more complex - Greater Complexity & Greater Risk
  • Does Network Monitoring still offer defenders a compelling vantage point?
  • Understand why Network Evidence is a critical element in any balanced defensive strategy