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Identity and access management is a critical part of any enterprise security plan. But much more than that, it is increasingly the key to successful digital transformation, as businesses strive to adapt to the new economy and start to use IdAM to drive both employee productivity and customer engagement. 

As an information security professional or an IdAM specialist you need the latest insights into how:

  • To put together IdAM strategies
  • To optimize IdAM programmes
  • To improve the customer experience
  • To future-proof IdAM implementations 
  • To win senior support for IdAM investment
  • To bolster regulatory compliance

The e-Crime IdAM Forum will cover these and other key subjects for its audience of professionals tasked with safeguarding digital assets and sensitive data. There will be real-life case studies, strategic talks and technical break-out sessions to help end-users understand how these new technologies can be cost-effectively deployed in real-life business situations.


And we will also be looking at:


  • Replacing legacy IdAM systems
    APIs, wide-ranging enterprise adoption of Cloud, remote working – the world that IdAM solutions need to secure has changed hugely. So what are the keys to successful migration of IdAM platforms? What are the right building blocks and technologies? And how can CISOs identify the solutions and providers best able to avoid obsolescence?


  • Leveraging identity analytics
    The adoption of identity analytics for identity governance and administration as well as authentication can reduce organizational risk and administrative efforts, while improving user experience. Products without analytics capabilities will over time increase administrative overhead and risk undiscovered security problems. What should CISOs look out for?


  • Office 365
    In a recent Gartner survey, 20% of respondents cited identity integration with Office 365 as one of the top-three technical problems they encountered. Adoption of Office 365 is disruptive to IdAM because it shifts applications into a hosted environment — and, as a result, creates a hybrid identity problem. What are the best solutions? 


  • Securing mobile digital identity
    Mobility is the key to new services and enabling new revenue streams. But the mobile ecosystem introduces new risks and new challenges in identity verification both in terms of customers and employees. That said, many believe that it is mobile itself that will help solve many of the key problems in identity. So what is the latest? 


This event will feature expert speakers from industry and the market's leading service suppliers to deliver:

  • Critical and unique insights that can inform the direction of business, technology and security strategy
  • Examples of proven approaches that can ensure commercial objectives are met in a secure, compliant manner
  • Guidance on future issues and challenges to consider as part of the enterprise decision-making process