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We deliver the best audience in information risk and security


"A critical event for security professionals. Year after year, AKJ have managed to stay on top of market trends and deliver on the demand for topical expertise from its attendees," Proofpoint

"AKJ Associates are masters at bringing together the right people, at the right place and the right time in an event that enables us to make the right connections," SABSACourses 


The 4th annual Securing Online Gaming  will be an unrivalled gathering of senior buyers in information risk and security in this security-sensitive industry. It is a prime opportunity for security professionals, lawyers and regulators in the online and mobile gaming, gambling and eSports worlds to exchange views and hear about the latest threats, defences and solutions.

Our audience of attends to learn the latest trends, techniques and regulations in electronic data protection, cyber security, fraud and privacy. To meet this need we gather expert presenters and panellists to deliver critical insights into the key issues. Attendees are also looking for information on vendors and their solutions. Our sponsor presentations ensure that they take away real solutions for risk assessment and mitigation.

  • The event will enable them to evaluate the cybersecurity solutions available to them and to assess the overall security of their digital businesses
  • It will deliver critical and unique insights that will inform the direction of their  business, technology and security strategy
  • It will be a prime opportunity for them to share strategic, operational, and tactical knowledge.

We work with sponsors to ensure they meet their commercial aims. We offer a number of sponsorship options, each providing specific brand and solution visibility as well as audience engagement. 90% of sponsors are repeat clients, underpinning the value and reach of our e-crime information security events.



We provide the best leads in the business



We have the largest community of senior cybersecurity buyers in the world



We provide go-to events for time-constrained buyers whose need is growing



We have a 15-year track record of producing events that buyers take seriously.

Every vendor needs to sell more. That is the bottom line.

Our sponsor renewal rate is unrivalled in the marketplace.

That is because our sponsors generate real business at our events year after year.


We know the senior executives who drive strategy from the top, we know the enterprise architects who often control the largest budgets and we know the IT Security Leads and Engineers who so often dictate the purchase process. 


All of these and more attend Securing Online Gaming in London.