Presentations already confirmed include:

► Effectively responding to a data breach

Lluis Mora, CISO, GVC Holdings

  • Preparing the team and the organisation for a data breach
  • DOs and DONTs during the incident handling
  • Communicating to stakeholders, customers and regulators
  • Wrapping up and learning from the past

► IR Challenges in the Game Industry 

Nicola Millard, Senior Intrusions Specialist, EA Games

  • Keeping up with Developer Tools.
  • Too much focus on advanced detections.
  • Constantly changing landscapes.

►Why regulation is a good thing

Paul Richards, Head of Information Security Governance, Rank Group

  • Establishing a dialogue
  • The overlooked benefits of regulation
  • What stands to be gained from collaboration with the regulator?

► Prevention - Best practice insights

Thomas Pernot, Online Business - Fraud and Billing Manager, Square Enix

  • What type of fraud are we facing?
  • Fraud prevention
  • In-house vs External fraud prevention providers 

► Executive panel discussion 

Cyber-frenemies: why governance and audit may be Security's greatest champions, and their biggest challenge

The relationship between threat intelligence and overall corporate governance. Does good governance always equal good cybersecurity?

What stake does internal audit hold in the security of your business? Can audit be security's biggest support? 

The increasing business demands on today's information security leader. Is it sustainable? And what - or who - can help? 

  • Jules Pagna Disso, Head of Cyber Risk Intelligence, BNP Paribas
  • Alex Booroff, Head Of Information Security at Travelopia
  • Munaf Kazi, Senior Security Specialist, Virgin Media
  • Gabriel Dezon, Group Audit Manager, Technology at Dentsu Aegis Network

► Stopping Bad Bots – Gamble on your website not with your website

 Tudor James, Solution Architect, Imperva

  • What is a bad bot and who runs this automated traffic?
  • How do bad bots impact online gaming?
  • Strategy to mitigate automated threats (bad bots)
  • Additional risks presented by Web and Mobile APIs and how to protect them
  • The experience of an existing customer - Case Study

► Blind Spots

Christina Thakor-Rankin, Principal Consultant, 1710 Gaming

  • Thinking like a criming - understanding how criminials use gambling as a sandbox
  • Gambling industry - from first responder to rinse-r
  • The age of tech - from going back and going beyond
  • Fraudsters Utd v Sector Utd - how cross-sector collaboration could be the best form of the defence 

► JavaScript injection attacks - the user browser is the new cyber battlefield

Terry Bishop, Technical Director, EMEA, RiskIQ

  • JavaScript injection attacks - what are they?
  • A brief history
  • GDPR implications
  • The current landscape - attackers acting with impunity
  • Steps to defend against JavaScript injection attacks

► The changing landscape of cyber-enabled financial crime

Steve Jackson, Head of Financial Crime & MLRO, Covéa Insurance

  • How has digitalisation/automation changed the key risks and priorities of the business leader tackling financial crime and fraud? User behaviour analytics, predictive threat intelligence and the using Big Data to aid the threat intelligence effort
  • Identity fraud, social engineering and impersonation, particularly when it comes to the insurance sectorCloud storage and migration. Accountability for Cloud security
  • Reputational stakes and information security as a commercial competitive advantage