Why sponsor

You can't sell complex technology by email. You build relationships and trust face-to-face

Why do so many blue-chip vendors work with us? Real buyers …

  • You will be surrounded by the most senior buying audience in the cyber-security market.

  • The AKJ Associates delegate database is the largest compilation of senior information risk and security professionals in the world. We have been building it since 1999!

  • We know the senior executives who drive strategy from the top, we know the enterprise architects who often control the largest budgets and we know the IT Security Leads and Engineers who so often dictate the purchase process. 

Getting in front of the right people at the right time always increases the lead generation and always increases profitable sales activity


Why do so many blue-chip vendors work with us? Real benefits…

  • We deliver a focused selling opportunity

  • Specific, actionable and relevant information for time-constrained industry professionals

  • The perfect platform for solution providers to deliver tailored advice to the right audience


We deliver the best audience with the best content in payment risk and security

Focus: Each event represents a targeted opportunity to  address the needs of a specific community whose need for your solutions and services is growing.

Leads: Sponsors can tailor messages to the needs of an audience that shares similar concerns and challenges, looking for solutions now.

Meet commercial aims: We work with sponsors to ensure they meet their commercial aims. We offer a number of sponsorship options, each providing specific benefits.

Value: Our events provide sponsors with a unique platform to showcase solutions, as well as provide advice on how best to solve delegates' key challenges.


We know the key buyers in:

Cyber-security: We have a 15-year track record of producing the events cyber-security professionals take seriously

Risk Management: We attract senior risk officers with responsibility for information risk assessment and mitigation

Fraud, Audit, Compliance: We provide the go-to events for fraud prevention and compliance owners at the world's key corporates

Data Protection & privacy: We are a key venue for decision-makers with budget and purchasing authority


Every vendor needs to sell more. That is the bottom line.

Our sponsor renewal rate is unrivalled in the marketplace.

That is because our sponsors generate real business at our events year after year.