Presentations already confirmed include:

► Big Data Analytics Under the GDPR?  Purpose Limitation, Anonymisation and Pseudonymisation 


Axel Kessler, Head of Legal Data Privacy, Siemens


  • Big data and purpose limitation
  • Legal aspects like consent and legitimate interest
  • Anonymisation - when is data anonymised?

► Measuring Information Security in a Diverse Organisation 


Dimitrios Stergiou, Chief Information Security Officer, Modern Times Group 


  • Measuring information security within the Modern Times Group, a collection of unrelated businesses
  • Why use a maturity model instead of a standard
  • Project execution and initial results
  • Next steps and lessons learned from the project


► Investment and Awareness in Cybersecurity Programmes


Christian Paul, Head of Security, Österreichische Post


  • Information security awareness in a diverse organisation
  • Email-delivered malware is still the most popular attack vector, because it works.  What works against it?
  • Gaining board investment in new cybersecurity initiatives
  • Becoming the “Department of How”, not “Computer says No"


► Are We Still Doing Business?  Isn't There Enough to do Complying With Laws and Regulations?


Matthias Jungkeit, Chief Information Security Officer, Münchener Hypothekenbank


  • Must business and regulation be mutually exclusive?
  • Finding synergies in the regulatory framework to reduce the overall effort
  • Integrating regulatory requirements into the value-added process
  • Incorporating a model of centralised/decentralised responsibilities, in which employees contribute to the process step that they understand best

► Secure Application Development: Working With Third Parties


Rainer Rehm, Information Security Officer, RIO - a Brand of Volkswagen Truck and Bus


  • Bad security in APP development
  • Necessary security protocols
  • Vulnerabilities that can be exploited
  • In-depth issues in IoT

Education seminars

ThreatMetrix – Digital Identities and ThreatMetrix ID – authenticating identities in the digital age

Stephen Topliss, VP of Products, ThreatMetrix

Alexander Frick, Sales Director D/A/CH, ThreatMetrix

The concept of identity in the digital age is being fundamentally reimagined. The jigsaw pieces of an individual identity are being collated and compiled by fraudsters to create near perfect stolen pictures, which no longer belong solely to their true owner but are scattered across the globe having been bought, sold and traded by criminal networks.  What constitutes an identity in the age of digital commerce.   The digital identity, and in particular ThreatMetrix ID, is a new way of understanding, authenticating and validating user identities, raising the lowest common denominator from a device to the person and looking beyond static data to the dynamic intricacies of how people transact online.

What attendees will learn:

  • A review of the latest cybercrime trends based on actual attacks detected by the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network.
  • Proven ways to leverage digital identities and ThreatMetrix ID to fight fraudulent account takeovers
  • How behavioural analytics coupled with remote desktop detection techniques can mitigate social engineering attacks.